Leadership Legacy 2017

Leadership Legacy 2017

In the next few weeks, we’ll be heading to Leadership Legacy 2017. The monthly Holistic Health EO Business Training Meeting begins on July 18th in Burlington and is hosted by Dawna Toews every third Tuesday of the month.

If you’ve never been to the monthly meet ups before, it’s not only a great way to infuse yourself with more knowledge about the oils and various products, but to also learn a great deal about more about the company, our business and the mission of dōTERRA as well.

These meet ups provide an opportunity to learn from our Diamonds and other trailblazing team leaders. Dawna always does an amazing job of detailing how we can all elevate our friends, families and lifestyle within this business.

The itinerary for the July 18th meet up is below. Tickets are only $5.00 and we’ll be meeting at Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre.

Leadership Legacy July 18th Itinerary

  • The Gift Behind the Oils: The Business Opportunity (6:15pm-7pm) Bring any guests who are interested in learning more about the gift that dōTERRA offers beyond just the oils—our business opportunity! Introduce them to our thriving wellness community and learn about our company, compensation plan and our mission. Builders pay $5 and guests are free.
  • Leadership Legacy: Business Training (7:00-9pm) This business training is for enrolled wellness advocates only (not for guests). Cost is $5 (not required to pay twice if coming to business opportunity).

Leadership Legacy will no doubt inspire you on how to take your business to the next level!

Bring a friend and purchase your tickets as you won’t want to miss out on interacting with other members of the dōTERRA community in Ontario.




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