Introducing Our New Blog!

Introducing Our New Blog!

To my amazing team! It has been quite a journey thus far! I started building this business in May of 2014! To see the exponential growth that has taken place is just astounding to me.

Here we are in July of 2017 and there are 4000 team members in my organization. And one year ago – so July of 2016 there were 2333 members. And the July before that (2015) there were 873 team members.

With this growth, and pursuing more growth, to get to blue diamond this year, I am hiring out some expertise in the social media, website, blog department etc.

I have a website that will be promoting blogs on these amazing oils we have, but not only that I want to feature some of the amazing people we have on this team. We have so many talented men and women in this group, and I want to show you off :).

So stay tuned for further exciting developments! I love you guys and am very grateful for you.



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